How To Dry iPhone Charging Port | What You Should Do!

How To Dry iPhone Charging Port !

If you have an iPhone and put it up to charge, then you would have seen the warning or alert as “Liquid Detected in Lighting Connector.” Please don’t panic, as it is a common scenario.

Even if the water gets into the charging port, it is not a deliberate action, though it still comes into play during your daily chores such as bathing, cooking, running, and anything related to sweat or water.

As soon as you plugin a lighting cable, an alert or popup is saying ”Liquid Detected In Lighting Cable,” and you have no idea about it.

“Liquid Detected In Lighting Cable” is an iPhone alert, which indicates that the charging port on the phone is moist. In this case, you can still use your device as normal. Though you are not able to charge it using a lighting cable until it is dry, you can use the wireless charger amidst you wait for the port to dry out.

The common question would be ‘Why Does My iPhone Say “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector”? The answers are many, but there are fewer exact answers.

As everyone knows, the lightning connector is an ingenuity name for iPhone’s charging port. If you see the notification of a charging error, try not to plug in wires such as headphones, charging cable, OTG, USB, and other accessories.

If you still see the notification, unplug the charger and leave the device to dry for some hours. Please don’t use any other charger to check, or it could permanently damage your iPhone.

When the port is wet, How to dry the iPhone charging port? What to do? If you find any moisture or water in the port, it is vital to get it cleaned and dried in a mannered way.

To get better knowledge about how to dry or save your device from liquids, this article provides you with the information required.

What Are the Main Reasons for Finding Any Liquid Inside the Lightning Port?

1. While Having A Bath:

The most common mistake done by people is they use their phones in the bathroom, wherein the humidity and moisture contents are very high, causing the build of wetness inside the port.

So try to keep the iPhones far away from the bathrooms for your and the phone’s betterment. Just keep the phone away from water sources.

2. Rain:

It feels worse when you get stuck in a rain storm or even a passing shower, as rainwater can easily penetrates clothes if it is unexpected.

So try always to be safe and secure, and keep a protector for the phone because during rain, the climate is more humid and moisture in the air is high, which can be hazardous for your phone.

3. Swimming And Other Water Adventures:

Another mistake people make is carrying their phones while going to swimming pools and other water adventures.

Where the area is full of water and droplets. Which is very bad for a phone’s charging port, even if it is water resistance.

4. Spilling Of Drinks:

Spilling of water or any kind of drinks such as coffee or tea, etc. It is another way of getting the lightning port wet or worse than that.

So always be careful while using water or drinking any drinks, as they are more dangerous as they can be hot or cold, which is bad for devices.

Special Note: The common question would be that my phone is water-resistant, then what would be the problem with all the above-given things even if I spill them? The direct answer would be not every iPhone is water-resistant, and it still can have problems. Even if it is water-resistant, the water can enter inside the device, which can cause more severe damage.

How to Keep Your iPhone Safe from Water Damage:

How to Keep Your iPhone Safe from Water Damage.

If you have an iPhone XS or later versions of the iPhone, then the phone is water-resistant. All the current list iPhones are water-resistant.

Though water-resistant phones don’t mean that the device is waterproof, there is a huge difference between water-resistant and waterproof.

If a phone is water-resistant doesn’t mean it cannot suffer alluvion or any water damage. Water-resistant does not stand for waterproof, which means the metallic integrants inside the phone can still wear out and abate working duly like before because of contact with any kind of liquid substance.

The same goes on with the metallic pins that are found inside the lightning port, which are the main component of the port that receive the current and charge the device.

If the metallic pins are worn out and corrode, then the current cannot pass throughout the phone, then the phone would not charge.

If the pins are covered by a liquid, then the current is not passed even when connected; Apple warns and automatically disables the lightning port when there is liquid to be found so that it shouldn’t cause lasting damage. A current supply can corrode the metal and make the connector strip to abate from working.

How To Dry Out Your iPhone Charging Port?

How To Dry Out Your iPhone Charging Port

The best advice when the iPhone notifies “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” is not to tap on Emergency Override to charge the phone.

As you know that enabling it can increase the chances of damage to other internal components. It might be safer to opt not to risk your device and secure it from extra damage.

The idea to dry the lightning port is,

  • Compressed Air.
  • Cotton or Paper.
  • Jiggle Your Phone To Excess Water.
  • Expose The Phone To Air & Sunlight.
  • Using Of Cooling Fan.
  • Usage Of Silica Gel.

Let’s begin with the idea to be executed,

#1. Compressed Air:

Using Compressed Air is one of the best and certain ways and would be able to clean The Lightning port. So try out the following methods,

  • Turn the phone off for better management.
  • Use a cleansing duster or any such instrument, point it at the charging port, and be careful not to hold it too close to the port.
  • Use the beak and spray out the air into the wet lightning port.
  • Hang on for a few seconds till you feel that the port does not have any droplets left.
  • Try inserting the connector after some time.
  • Turn the phone on if it starts charging.

If you follow all the above steps and it still shows the notification. Then try the other steps below.

#2. Cotton or Paper:

If the phone still does not charge, then try using any cotton or paper products to gently remove all dirt and liquids. This method is straightforward, though it is a slight risker thing to do. In this method, there can be flaws and damage to the sensitive ports and parts of the iPhone. So we advise you not to go too aggressive and try to remove all the dirt and residuals.

  • The same goes here as in the first idea, to turn the device off for not to risk the phone completely.
  • Get hold of a paper roll or cotton which has a small tip end.
  • Place the tip carefully into the lightning port and squirm to clean all water and dirt.
  • Now follow the first idea of blowing compressed air to remove any excessive waste.
  • Try inserting the connector into the Lightning port and turn the phone on if it charges.
  • Repeat the step if it does not succeed.

#3. Jiggle Your Phone Around To Remove Excess Water:

As we know, sometimes trying out multiple ways is useless, as it can be solved by the simplest of tricks.

Here is one very simple way which is done by everyone. If there is any charging port problem, the first step taken by anyone would be to jiggle out all the dirt and water particles from the port.

As you know, if the phone has any water particles, then turn the phone off. Water is bad for any electronic device, so try to shake the phone as gently as possible.

#4. Expose The Phone To Air & Sunlight:

Expose The Phone To Air & Sunlight


It is common knowledge that water and heat are opposites, and air to lines up in the list. So the options to clean the water particles would be any kind of air and heat.

In particular, for heat, sunlight would be the best option as it can provide the best heat source and is free of cost to some extent, as it is available in every possible place.

Though it can also be dangerous if the phone is left in the heat of sunlight for a prolonged period, it can be hazardous to the phone and its internal components.

#5. Using Of Cooling Fan:

Using Of Cooling Fan

As same as the compressed air method, the next similar trick would be the use of cooling fans or a dry area with much better airflow.

After a phone is jiggled or shook well enough, try drying out it using a fan for more virtue and get it dry faster.

Be sure to keep the fan aslant to the Lightning port, but be cautious enough about its speed, or you just further blow the water into the phone.

This method can be efficient and can help you out in the drying process, and it could be risky if not done in the best possible way.

#6. Usage Of Silica Gel:

Usage Of Silica Gel

There are many ways to absorb all the water, even you would be thinking of rice which is very famous for absorbing all water from a phone, but it is just a myth, and it can be dangerous for the port as the grains could get stuck in it the Lightning port.

One of the best absorbents is silica gel. Believe it or not, you must have seen silica gel found in phone boxes or any other similar box.

The silica gel is kept in the boxes to absorb all moisture, and humidity is controlled to save the item present inside the box.

It is a sorbent that absorbs moisture and keeps the humidity to the least. It should be kept out of the reach of children as it has a choking hazard.

If a phone is water damaged and got silica gel with you, then it is best to clutch. Keep your phone inside a beaker and add silica gel, then cover up the bowl for a faster result.

Use them and don’t take any risks by using vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. This will help keep your phone fixed from water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the iPhone port take to dry?

It takes at least 2 hours for the moisture in your iPhone’s Lightning port and the accessory to dry in the air.

How do you dry a charging port quickly?

You can dry the charging port quickly with the help of the method mentioned below:

  • Compressed Air.
  • Cotton or Paper.
  • Jiggle Your Phone Around To Remove Excess Water.
  • Expose The Phone To Air & Sunlight.
  • Using Of Cooling Fan.
  • Usage Of Silica Gel.

How do I get the moisture out of my phone charger port?

Leave your phone in rice overnight:

Even if you and others are not ready to believe this, you can get rid of your problem. Keeping your phone in rice overnight can remove any moisture. The reason for this is that rice is water-absorbent, so it can help drain water from your phone when it gets wet. It is imperative to use this method at night as you will not be checking it frequently night. But it is definitely a tried and true method.

Can I use a hair dryer to dry my iPhone charging port?

Hair dryer So we all know that it is used to dry hair, but it can come in handy for this. Because it produces a lot of heat, turn the blow dryer on the “cool” setting and blow toward the back of the phone. Overuse of this can cause permanent damage. Therefore, if your dryer does not have this function, do not use it.

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Consult The Professionals:

The last option, if none of the above applied to your phone, consulting would be the best if the phone is water damaged more than an extent.

If you are not ready to take any risks on the phone, then it would be best to just go up to the professionals or Apple stores for the knowledge of what to do in such a situation.

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